"This music collection is one of the highest quality asset packs available. While this music leans towards use in a cinematic setting, there is absolutely nothing stopping you using it during gameplay. The quality is comparable with professional AAA scores and make for some excellent cinematic moments in our project."

Tyler Trevell
Managing Director - Mythros, Ltd.

"The music provided in this package is of an entirely professional standard and would not sound out of place in any top-budget or AAA title. For this reason, the package's price is potentially one of the best I've seen anywhere. This is an absolute must-have for any developers looking to improve the quality of their work ten-fold through the use of this music."

Tyler Trevell

Managing Director - Mythros, Ltd.

Kingdom of Light - Basic Edition
This soundtrack is a great introductory point for my fantasy-themed project. There is a variety of music for different game environments and situations. This music sounds like it was meant for a AAA-quality game or movie, the quality is outstanding.

Excellent work on this soundtrack, I'll be looking to expand my project with more of your music!


"We are huge fans of quality produced video game music. The sort of folks who listen to their favorite games' soundtracks even after they're done with the games themselves.

We started the initial planning for our upcoming indie RPG title. As we were pricing different components for our game. We knew from the get go that the music has to be extremely well produced, serious and mature. We got some quotes from a number of musicians and got figures in the range of $100 - $300 per produced unique minute. Suffice to say that was well above our initial music budget so we had to either compromise in quality or have a very anemic good music selection that would endlessly repeat itself.

We have recently stumbled upon BonixMusic.com, which features beautiful royalty free music, created by the very talented Peter Gunder. We were looking at various examples and almost fell out of our chairs when we found his amazing Kingdom Of Light package. The quality on those pieces is quite frankly, phenomenal. They instantly reminded us of the heavy, brooding and expansive arrangements from titles like Baldur's Gate and Planescape Torment. His prices are beyond reasonable, costing around $20 for a 2-3 minute music piece. Peter has them appropriately titled, so you can quickly find what kind of mood you are trying to convey. Taverns, Dungeons, Cities, Towns, Combat and many more- all of them unique yet are cohesive enough to fit into the same theme.

But it gets even better, as BonixMusic offers a very steep discount when buying a number of modules together. His Kingdom Of Light theme, has a premium package priced at $250. That's 192 minutes, 3 hours plus of AAA quality medieval/RPG. It comes down to $1.3 for each minute, which is almost ridiculously too good to be true.

Congratulations, Peter, for both creating serious and well orchestrated audio pieces that every RPG will proud to harness and for offering it all in such indie friendly prices. Your music is likely to heavily dominate our upcoming game. Thank you!"

Reed, Game Developer

Kingdom of Light - Dungeon & Caves

"I chose this music for a cave-based level, and it is awesome. The instrumentals are rich and deep, nice bass underpinnings, so you really get a feeling of cave/dungeon atmosphere. One of the songs also provides a nice "build up" that you could use to play when the player first enters a new land or is approaching a big event in the game. I am a big fan of well written music scores for films, and I think this is on par with feature film quality".

Chris B., Game Dev & Level Designer

"I have now listen it through a few times. I have heard a lot of music through my life, in fact I can actually memorize soundtracks for movies and games with ease as it is the first I notice(do not know why...), your music is very professional done and is of very high quality. Now I do not say this out of nothing as I have spent many hours of listing to music that would fit my game under production(music is very important).

I might contact you later on for a a custom music order for my game(s). For now have a look at this website when you have time for it: www.dryadalummundi.com. Your sound will be a part of this game when released (one can say you won the competition among many other musicians by outperforming them in quality. :)" 

Best regards,
Jonas Nielsen
Noble Games Production

"This weekend I purchased Bonix Music's "Cinematic fantasy" pack for my game. The music is gorgeous, all my friends are amazed with how the game has improved with it. I strongly recommend people here to take a look at this site before any other. The quality is incredible, and the prices are more than affordable. I also encourage people at Bonix Music to keep up the good work. You're just awesome, guys!"

Luis Morcillo, Game Dev at Tripsof