Scott Stevens began his musical journey in Japan: a culturally rich country that furnished him with a wealth of experiences and exceptional instructors that propelled him into the study of formal composition. Being classically trained in diverse undergraduate and graduate studies affords Scott a formidable set of tools equipping him to write in a myriad of styles with deft versatility. He has crafted beautiful scores for films, commercials, and live performances in the US and UK with a deep knowledge of orchestration. His lush string arrangements and versatile techniques deliver stunning music for a wide variety of styles. He is available for custom score orders and licensing as well.

Dark Orchestra
Peter Gunder is an American composer with a diverse background in composing for the film and video games industry. His first LA film festival of over 150 composers he was nominated for best original sound track. Peter has created a vast catalog of professional royalty-free music libraries for film and game producers including the popular high-fantasy Kingdom of Light libraries and the best selling Atmospheric Sound Design libraries. He also has provided string arrangements for various artists of different genres. With rich orchestral and sound design work, he has a wide spectrum of music he can produce for the most demanding projects.

Kingdom of Light
Atmospheric Sound Design
Cinematic Fantasy
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