License permits usage of Music as follows:
  • In all games/applications for iPad, iPhone, Android, and all other computing devices including mobile and gaming consoles
  • Film festivals for Indie and Student projects
  • Online video advertisement for your game, app, or film.
  • Background music for websites.
  • In-house Corporate and Non-Profit videos.
  • Personnal usage not being distributed (eg. home video)
  • License allow for placement in multiple products (eg. You have 10 adventure games that need music. A single purchase of 'Kingdom of LIght' would allow you to do this)
  • Credit with, Music by Composed by the composer's name. The composer is listed directly under the price of the product page. Example below.
Music by
Composed by Peter Gunder


License prohibits usage of Music as following:
  • May not be used in pornographic material
  • May not be used in illegal activity through media or other means
May not be redistriubted as 'extra'. "Extra' includes bundleing music in a demo or paid product for the end user to use for creation purposes or personal use. (Example: A game engine or application containing our music with the purpose to give to the end user our music to use in their own game ceation, apps, or something simliar).  For these purposes please contact us for special licensing or if you have any quesitons.

Our license allows you to use the music solely in your own projects. You cannot resell the music as a standalone product, part of a package or create a derivative work that primarily contains just the music and resell it as your own, such as children's narrative with your voice over it. For these purposes please contact us for a license arrangement.  If unlcear how the music can be used please contact us!