Kingdom of Light is an enormous music library for developers of RPG, adventure & high-fantasy games, and epic films. Up to 3 hours of music covering epic battles, skirmishes, taverns, exploration music, mystical, capitals, and much more! Created for an all-in-one solution with a cohesive cinematic aural experience. Multiple editions and modules available to fit various budgets and needs.

"ASD Humanoid & Insectoid sFx' places over 100 SFX cue in your hands from humanoid, insectoid, and general sci-fi sounds. On par with our other great sounding ASD libraries, this package ranges from weapons to machinery, a great library to enhance your sci-fi games. As a bonus, 2 brand new songs have been lincluded broken into loopable sections!

Shadow Kingom extends the sound of the Kingdom of Light by bringing music from various races. From 2-headed giants to orcs, this is a great sounding music library at a great price!