Kingdom of Light is an enormous music library for developers of RPG, adventure & high-fantasy games, and epic films. Up to 3 hours of music covering epic battles, skirmishes, taverns, exploration music, mystical, capitals, and much more! Created for an all-in-one solution with a cohesive cinematic aural experience. Multiple editions and modules available to fit various budgets and needs.

Dark Orchestra brings the power of a dramatic full string orchestra right to your project. Heroism, villainy, visceral tension, drama, adventure, and mystery are all present in this boutique sound package. These are not light and cheery pieces. This music is dark, heavy, potent, and custom designed to add gravity and intrigue to the stories you tell. 

"ASD Humanoid & Insectoid sFx' places over 100 SFX cue in your hands from humanoid, insectoid, and general sci-fi sounds. On par with our other great sounding ASD libraries, this package ranges from weapons to machinery, a great library to enhance your sci-fi games. As a bonus, 2 brand new songs have been lincluded broken into loopable sections!