Atmospheric Sound Design libraries will enhance your scenes with ambient soundscapes ranging from exotic sci-fi effects (planets & other celestial bodies), to  suspense (swells & stingers) and nature cues (wind, jungle, forest). Bring your game to the next level with the ultimate soundscape experience!

TITAN is a large bundle pack of  3 complete Atmospheric Sound Design packages. ASD V1, ASD V2, ASD sci-fi V1, and 6 additional new cues! This generous bundle pack is an incredible bargain for those who need pro-quality, exotic and surreal audio tracks for sci-fi or dark fps games. Themes, black holes, supernova, human and alien crafts, dissonant and soothing drones, and much more encompasses TITAN. Take a listen for yourself here!

'ASD Vol 1', the one that started it all! A collection of sci-fi and ambient cues to enhance your games, films or other multimedia projects.

'ASD Vol 2' is the perfect add-on to 'ASD Vol 1'. Extending the mood with fresh ambient cues, a great addition to bring more variety to your projects.

'ASD Sci-Fi Vol1' breaks the mold of typical soundscape libraries. This music library delivers celestial bodies, alien and human ships, and ambient cues!